The Doors Will Open in Time

I started public speaking one year after becoming a Christian. It wasn’t long before I became quite busy speaking in churches and at quite a few outreach events. One day, I was praying while driving my car. If you had been with me, you would have heard the prayer for yourself. I used to say this prayer often: ‘God, open the doors so I can speak to more unchurched people in the UK. I am an evangelist, and I don’t want to spend all my time speaking to Christians; there are so many people in our country who need to hear the message of hope, God. Open the doors, God…’

As I turned the corner, I saw a private hire taxi coming in the opposite direction. As it got closer, the name of the company became more evident; it was called In Time. These two words, which were across the top of the windscreen, seemed to be illuminated; they stood out. When I saw this, do you know what I thought? ‘This is what God is saying to me: ‘I will open the doors for you in time’. Now, years later, my diary if full of outreach-focused events (and several training events), and they are all in the UK! Many of you reading this may be waiting for God to open doors. Well, may this be a lesson to you. If it is part of God’s plan for you, then be assured that doors will open…in time.