Dare to Go Big!

Can you imagine if you had free reign to ask famous people anything? Imagine that you were given the chance to go to Bill Gates’ house where you got past the servants and everything, and when you finally got to sit down with him, you showed him your iPhone and asked him how to put a screen protector on. Or imagine going to Wayne Rooney’s house and asking him to just pump up your football before abruptly leaving. How about a scenario wherein you had a chance to sit down with the Prime Minister and, out of all the things you could have asked him, you told him you just wanted to know how he takes his tea? Sounds pretty silly right? Quite ridiculous too! Like, why would we have an audience with someone huge and ask them something so trivial? What a waste of a golden opportunity!

But you know what? We do this to God all the time.

As autumn gets underway, we see the foliage changing colours, the leaves falling on the ground and the animals stocking up in preparation for winter—all of these happen by God’s design. We stand on a beach and stare out into the huge ocean, feeling tiny but not realising that those constant waves come in and out all by God’s command. A baby grows for nine months inside his or her mother’s womb. Then, just at the right time, he or she is delivered into the world in a process that—from start to finish—can be considered a huge miracle intricately designed by God, our creator. No matter what is going on in the world, the sun still comes up every morning and the moon comes out every night—both phenomena happening under God’s direction. Indeed, He is huge and nothing would exist without Him. He has made it all.

The Bible tells us that nothing is impossible for God. Nothing. Yet we continue to ask such small things of Him. Maybe that’s because we sometimes feel that we don’t deserve anything or that, in our heart of hearts, we think He can’t or won’t do what we ask of Him. Perhaps, we don’t really think very much about it and that’s part of the problem. God asks us to talk to Him all the time through prayers. When you think about it, a prayer is not just a list of requests to God, it’s chatting things through with Him because we want to build a relationship with Him—taking everything to Him, relying on Him, listening to Him, and also asking Him for things that we need or those we’re struggling with. During those times, God wants us to ask big things of Him because that shows that we know just how huge He is and that there’s nothing He cannot do. So be bold! Ask for healing. Ask for freedom from behaviours you can’t seem to control. Ask for help for that family member who seems so lost to come to know God now. If you yourself are that person, ask God to help you know Him now!

In Ephesians 3:20, the Bible says, ‘God can do anything, you know—far more than you could ever imagine or guess or request in your wildest dreams!’ So, the next time you ask, remember who He is—the one who designed everything in this world. He can do the impossible and that’s why, we have to dare to go big!


**(Please don’t hear what I’m not saying…God knows the number of hairs on your head. He cares about the tiny details and wants you to talk to Him about them too.)

Laurel Nathan is a Support Worker at Urban Outreach in Bolton. She is based at the Bridge Church and she is a friend of Proclaim Trust.