Your Story Reframed

We have all got a story to tell. Your story isn’t my story, and my story isn’t yours, but we have all got a story that is unique to us. Your Story Reframed is for those who want to learn how to tell their own unique story in a way that could make a difference.

Your Story Reframed will be a mix of in-person and Zoom meetings. The dates for 2024 are below. 

Of course, Barry will be very ‘hands on’ with this but other great people, who we relate to, will also be an important part of the training and mentoring journey.

For you to take part in Your Story Reframed we just need your church/organisation leader to ok it.

There will be no cost to you for this, but we do ask your church/organisation to make a realistic donation to help us cover the cost of our speakers and in-person sessions.

To register contact the office