who we are

Barry Woodward

Barry Woodward grew up in Salford, Greater Manchester. At 16, he left school with no qualifications and became drawn into the Manchester music and drugs scene. This led to a life of heroin addiction and drug dealing.

After being dependent on heroin for fifteen years and spending a number of terms in prison, Barry had what he describes as a ‘religious experience’, which resulted in his life being totally transformed. This led to him becoming an evangelist. Since then, he has studied full time at Cliff College, where he was awarded a Diploma in Biblical Studies and Evangelistic Ministry from Sheffield University, and has worked with many Christian organisations.

He is a contemporary communicator who is passionate and inspirational. He uses storytelling and humour to communicate the message of hope.

Barry is an accredited travelling minister with the Assemblies of God denomination, in the UK, and is also an associate evangelist with J.John of the Philo Trust. He is author of ‘Once an Addict’, and he and his wife Tina are members of the Bridge Church, Bolton, Greater Manchester.

Proclaim Trust


Proclaim Trust is a registered charity. This non-profit making, interdenominational, organisation was established in 1999 to facilitate the work of Barry Woodward.

The primary function of Proclaim Trust is to inspirationally communicate the message of hope throughout the United Kingdom. The Trust also equips people to engage in missional activities and mentors evangelists.

The Team


Rev. Barry Woodward is the Founder & Director of Proclaim Trust.


Howard Smith, Doug Clark and Frank Robinson have been trustees since the beginning and Rod Williams became a trustee more recently.


Amber Gilbert is our Operations & Events Manager; Julia Hewitt is our Accountant; Tina Woodward is our Partnership Manager & Administrator; Julie Evans is an Operations Assistant; Bryan Lomax (Lomax Pictures) is our Video Producer, Sandra Savage is our Fund Raising Administrator and Josh Morley (Marketing the Change) is our Website Developer.


Rev. Canon J.John; Andy Hawthorne, OBE; Rev. Grayson Jones; Rev. Gary Gibbs; Rev. Iain Duthie; Nancy Goudie; Rev. Mark Greenwood; Rev. Paul Weaver; Rev. Howard Mellor; Rev. Ian Watson; Keith Wills; Rev. Andy Economides; Rev. Anthony Delaney; Ron Spillards; Dave King; Rev. Carl Beech; Rev. Paul Lloyd; Matt Summerfield; Rev. Roy Morley; Rev. Keely Morley; Rev. Ashley Cooper.