What people Are Saying

Canon J.John

Philo Trust, Chorleywood

My friend Barry Woodward is one of the UK’s most effective communicators of the Good News of Jesus Christ today. His own personal story of transformation gives authenticity to his passionate speaking.

Carl Beech

Edge Ministries, Chesterfield

Rarely have I seen such a profound impact of the proclamation of the gospel as when Barry spoke at a major CVM event. From prisons to major conferences, Barry is a unique, creative and powerful speaker and his books have impacted thousands. I highly commend him and his ministry to you.

Matt Summerfield

Zeo Church, Hitchin

Barry Woodward is a unique communicator with an incredible blend of humour, inspiration and challenge. He’s a master storyteller who can’t fail to touch the heart, mind and soul of people – whether of faith or not. He went down a storm at our church and I would recommend him to you.

Rev. Paul Lloyd

Victory Outreach, Manchester

Barry is the real deal and his life and ministry are evidence that through Jesus Christ your past doesn’t have to be a life sentence. Every time he speaks he brings hope that there is no life so broken that God can’t fix it. I’m not ashamed to say that I consider him to be a friend and I absolutely love what he brings.

Rev. Mark Greenwood

National Evangelist, Elim Church, Malvern

My dear friend Barry Woodward is one of the most creative communicators I know. His down to earth style fused with an incredible ability to tell the story will guarantee that those looking into the Christian faith, will hear all they need to hear to understand how much God loves them.

Rev. Richard Cooke

Bridge Church, Bolton

As the senior leader of the local church Barry calls home, I’m constantly moved and inspired by his genuine love for others, as he tirelessly communicates God’s story through his own stories. Passion, enthusiasm and ‘cheeky chappy’ are a few words that describe this gifted man, whom I wholeheartedly endorse.

Rev. Anthony Delaney

Ivy Church, Manchester

During my time as a plain clothes Police Officer in Manchester I saw how drugs destroy so many lives. Barry’s story of how he was arrested by God serves as a great encouragement that nobody is beyond His reach. If you are not moved by this story, check yourself for a pulse!