Picture this: Street artists sketching on pavements using their medium – chalks, crowds puzzled, scratching their heads, gather quickly and as quickly move on seeing nothing of note or attraction. Nothing to explore here – minds made up – they do one!!

To the naked eye the jungle of colour, texture and shade is so abstract and hard to decipher – flat and lifeless, a scene of confusion and disorder. Yet, if they would only look from a different vantage point, change their perspective, view with new eyes, their world and senses would become a 3D kaleidoscope of awe and wonder – sound familiar? Interesting what a few feet one way or the other can do to transform our outlook and opportunity in life.

Back in the 1980’s I was encouraging a small group of young people in my newfound faith. Darnhill near Heywood, Greater Manchester. The scene, high rise flats surrounding us, in the shadow of those tower blocks I shared with passion, opportunity and vision to those lives lacking hope and direction – helping them see life from a new perspective!

Now here’s the rub, as I took time out from my own young family and business I had set up, unknown to me and behind the curtains, in the austere, imposing tower blocks of concrete, there was a young man whizzing off his head, oblivious to any activity other than his own need and cravings.

That young man was my mate Barry Woodward! He wouldn’t find his release from the madness and torment he was pursuing for some time to come – what an image and what a truth!

Opportunity knocks, it draws us to a new perspective, it opens our hearts to a 3D world that we would never be the same again.

The simplest of prayers, yet the most profound is our Lord’s prayer. Simply stating ‘Your kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Be encouraged and live in the awe and wonder of this new day in His ‘perspective’ for your lives.


Richard Cooke (Cookie) is the senior leader of Barry and Tina’s home church, the Bridge Church, Bolton, Greater Manchester. Cookie is a friend and great support to Barry and the team.