Fixed 24

28 September 2024

Venue: Bridge Church, Bolton, Greater Manchester, BL2 1JX

9.30am – 5.00pm

Cost: £33 pp

Early Bird: £28 pp

FREE If you can’t afford to pay.

Meals and refreshments included.

FREE Evening Celebration: 6.30pm – 8.30pm




Simon is the dynamic and passionate CEO of Walk Ministries, a Christian charity that’s on a mission to transform lives. At Walk Ministries, they are dedicated to helping men regain their footing after leaving prison, guiding them through the challenging journey of addiction recovery, and offering them secure supported housing. Simon is involved in several other projects, demonstrating his commitment to provide safe spaces where people can thrive, grow, and become the best versions of themselves. Simon’s deep-rooted love for his local city of Stoke on Trent shines brightly.


Julie told her story at our first Fixed in 2013 and has spoken at our seminars too. The last time she spoke at Fixed was in 2017, so it’s great to have her back! Julie is originally from Aberdeen. Having graduated from the Teen Challenge programme more than 18 years ago, she has committed her life to helping other women who are bound in addiction. For a number of years, she worked with the woman at Teen Challenge in North East Scotland, and she is now on the chaplaincy team in HMP Grampian. Julie also heads up a weekly bus outreach to working girls in Aberdeen.


Beverley lives In South Wales with her husband, Brian, and is a Senior Support Worker at Hope House Teen Challenge, where she works with women in addiction. She graduated from there herself 19 years ago. Her testimony demonstrates how God truly has a plan for our lives! Beverley has ministered all over the world. She has a passion for seeing people set free from life controlling issues, knowing that it is the love of Jesus that is the key to recovery and freedom. She has won 2 awards for work done to inspire and motivate troubled youth onto a more positive path for their future.


Alicia is the manager of Hope House, the Teen Challenge UK women’s centre in South Wales. She has worked at Hope House for 19 years, supporting women as they take the challenging journey of overcoming life-controlling issues. She is married and loves nothing better than walking the local countryside with her husband and their dog. Alicia is a passionate follower of Jesus Christ, serves on the leadership team of her local church and believes that every woman who steps into Hope House can find the freedom and life that He has promised them.


Clyde has been a follower of Jesus since 2003 when his life was radically changed, in prison, after a spiritual encounter following the death of a friend. His primary calling is to the UK, but he has also travelled internationally to minister the gospel and bring hope to people. An evangelist at heart, Clyde carries a burning desire to see people find hope and true purpose in Christ. He directs the UK arm of Hope Centre Ministries, an international network of rehabilitation centres which has helped thousands of people get free of addiction and live purposeful lives. This is Clyde’s forth year speaking at Fixed.


Alison has been part of our annual ‘Fixed’ conferences from the beginning. With her husband, Richard, she now runs Mission on the Move, a pioneering/evangelistic organisation that reaches people in dark places and, crucially, equips other people to do the same. Prior to this, Alison spent many years battling alcohol addiction and using recreational drugs on the party scene. Her experience with the horrors of addiction led her to develop a chaplaincy ministry for women, in Suffolk, who are involved in the sex industry. Alison is a gifted speaker and author and is a mentor to emerging evangelists.


Hasina has shared at five of our previous Fixed conferences through her Spoken Word. Hasina has a powerful story of restoration and transformation. Growing up, she built her identity on her sexuality, and she became angry at people; angry at life. This led to drug and alcohol addiction, crime and prison until meeting Jesus in 2013, when her life was transformed. Now working with addicts in Bristol and serving in her local church as a youth leader, Hasina has a passion for people to come to know the truth in Christ, to know their identity and live in freedom.



Growing up, Liam was subject to physical and emotional abuse. At the age of ten he began to use solvents as a means of escape. For 16 years, his life was a mess. Prison, overdoses, suicide attempts; everything he knew was chaotic. He walked into drug treatment hating himself and with no hope. Whilst in treatment, he gave his life to Jesus and has continued to walk with him until today. He lives in Bournemouth, with his wife and four children, and leads Hope Community Church. This will be Liam’s third time with us as a speaker.


Alan is the pastor of Gateway Elim Church, Ammanford and this will be his sixth year speaking at Fixed. Alan spent over twenty-two years in drug addiction and criminality. Thirteen rehabilitation centres, many short prison sentences and untold psychiatric terms in hospitals never brought him the lasting breakthrough that he so desperately wanted. A life changing event and a miraculous encounter with Jesus turned his life around. Alan is married to Jackie, and he’s very involved in mentoring men from similar backgrounds and speaks at Christian rehabs on a regular basis.


Karlow is a rapper hailing from Burnley where racism and violence was rife.  At seventeen he became addicted to heroin and spent eighteen years in and out of rehabs and jail. It wasn’t until somebody prayed for him in the name of Jesus that everything changed dramatically. This will be his third year performing at Fixed. He has a degree in psychotherapy & counselling, is an evangelist, ordained pastor & co-founder of Fruits of Love Ministries along with his wife Janine.


Paul is a regular at our Fixed conferences! He is from London and his life is a testimony to the transforming power of Jesus Christ. He was a heroin addict and a violent criminal for 12 years, but is now a husband to Vicky, a father and the senior pastor of Victory Outreach, Manchester. He is also the Victory Outreach International Director for the UK/Germany region. Paul has 25 years’ experience working with people with life-controlling issues and is the author of the book, Leading Broken People. 


Mvrvin Adamha has performed at Fixed for the last six years. He grew up on an estate in South Manchester, notorious for violence and crime. Anger issues and insecurities led him into fighting, reacting negatively, carrying weapons and gang affiliation. He fell in love with Hip-Hop and his love for music kept him from falling deeper into crime. Mvrvin became a Christian in 2013 and now has his own record label, ‘Iron Sharpens Iron,’ using music to engage young people and present the Gospel.


The Victory Outreach Manchester Worship Team has been serving and ministering at Fixed for the past 5 years under the leadership of Pastor Anthony Farrell, worship overseer for Victory Outreach International. The team seeks to direct people’s hearts to focus on Jesus in worship, trusting that God will move, bringing breakthrough in people’s lives. They lead worship every Sunday at their church on Liverpool Street in Salford. Team members are also involved in music and worship with other ministries across Manchester including Festival of Praise, Prayer Storm, and Voices Beyond Gospel Choir.


Barry grew up in Salford, Greater Manchester. At 16, he left school with no qualifications and was drawn into the Manchester music and drugs scene. This led to a life of heroin addiction and drug dealing. After being dependent on heroin for fifteen years and spending a number of terms in prison, Barry had what he describes as a ‘religious experience’, which resulted in his life being totally transformed. He is a contemporary, inspirational communicator who is both humorous and passionate.