Scars, Marks, Prison Bars, and Dodgy Tattoos



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Many years ago, Barry was sent down for drug-related charges. He was taken in a prison van to Strangeways Prison in Manchester and marched to the reception.

The officer at the counter in the reception first wrote down his name, address, and date of birth. Then, the officer wrote down the details of Barry’s scars, his marks, and his dodgy tattoos. Barry was finally strip searched, given his prison clothes, and thrown into a holding cell.

At this point, Barry was stripped of all his dignity. He was behind prison bars with nothing except his scars, his marks, and his dodgy tattoos.

In this inspirational and humorous talk, Barry brings people on a journey back to that day and finds four lessons for people to take away and use in their own lives.

    Scars show that you can come through

    Marks don’t have to define you

    Prison bars don’t need to restrain you

    Dodgy tattoos can be removed

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