That Broken Path



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On one occasion Barry ended ending in Leicester Prison on remand and he was put in a room on the hospital wing because he was damaged. He was on ‘that broken path’.

The reality is though that we all wind up on ‘that broken path’ at some point? Because damage happens to us all; damage caused by our own personal dramas.

There was a sharp thinking fella on the scene, in early Bible days, called Solomon. He said: ‘Give careful thought to the paths of your feet’.

In this inspirational talk Barry grabs his advice and takes a trip back down ‘that broken path’ to find some helpful truths:

That Broken Path…
Is where repairs can get actioned

That Broken Path…
Can have an end point

That Broken Path…
Positions you to get next to the broken

That Broken Path…
Is where you can switch paths

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