In the Madness



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When Barry was an addict in Manchester, he often found himself ‘in the madness.’ However, it’s not just people that get involved with drugs and music, like Barry, that find themselves in the madness. It’s all of us! See, each and every one of us have found ourselves in the madness, of some kind, at some point in our journey.

In this inspirational and humorous talk, Barry takes people back to his days when he was in the madness, in Manchester, or Madchester as it was called then, and he provides four lessons for you to take away and apply to your life today.

     In the Madness…
     You can find strength for your struggle!

     In the Madness…
     You can tap into abilities that’re usable!

     In the Madness…
     You can take stock of yourself!

     In the Madness…
     You can change your lane!