The Social Media Effect

Social Media - Marcia

I love social media; well sort of. It’s great for connecting with my family and friends across the globe. It’s a great way for me, as a parent, to see what’s going on in my children’s lives and to stay up to date with lots of information whilst on the go.  

But social media can have a dark side…

The challenge is to not detach from reality.

Everyone’s life is perfect, right? Everyone is married to the perfect person, their house is perfect and so organised it could be a show house on ‘The Home Edit’ and everyone is living their best life!


The problem is that if we get drawn in too much, we might believe that everything we see is true.

It can make us feel like our lives are insignificant; that we are insignificant.

It makes us chase after things that we think will make us significant. Things like reputation and influence, relationships, the perfect body, the expensive car and house or the designer labels.

For the record, these aren’t bad in and of themselves. I like nice things! (I am on a first name basis with the Amazon delivery driver and my husband knows better than to ask me what I have ordered, as I can’t always remember!)

As the well-used phrase says, ‘it’s ok not to be ok’. In other words, just because your life isn’t perfect (and honestly, whose is?!), it doesn’t mean that we aren’t perfect in God’s eyes.

The best part…

This SIGNIFICANT, all-powerful God thought that YOU were important enough to send Jesus Christ, His only Son, to die for you!

God is interested in YOU!

God wants to hear from YOU!

Nothing in your life, whether in your past or ahead in your future, is insignificant. Everything has led you to this point…to this blog.

There’s a great verse in the Bible (in fact there are quite a few; check some out if you don’t believe me!):

‘Because He bends down to listen, I will pray as long as I have breath!’ (Psalm 116 v 2)

 God bends down to listen…to you…to me! How amazing is that?

The God of the universe thinks that you’re so significant that it’s like He will bend towards you. He’s eager to hear what you have to say.

In the words of Taylor Swift (no judgement please!): ‘Haters are gonna hate’ … so don’t believe their lies.

Believe the One that you can trust – Jesus. He is ready to listen to what you have to say but are you ready to tell Him everything? You know, He can handle it.

Marcia Bluck 

Marcia is a senior leader in People, Culture, Equity and Organisational Change at Executive and Board level, working in the private, public and not-for-profit sector. Marcia is often requested as a keynote speaker, thought leader and coach to senior professionals including church leadership and she also serves as a Magistrate.