Marks Make You Unique!

If you’d been reading the newspaper that day, you’d have read the article yourself. It was about Jessica.

Jessica was born with a birthmark down the right side of her face. When she walked down the street, strangers would often stare. When she was a child, she had numerous operations to try to remove it.

She said, ‘Sometimes I’d sit in front of the mirror with a piece of paper over the right side of my face to see what I might look like without the mark.’ Imagine how she felt.

Then, at 16 years of age, something changed. She had a makeover to go to the school prom. She said, ‘The beautician plastered my face with concealer and foundation so my birthmark couldn’t be seen. I hated it. When I saw my face, I burst into tears. I rubbed off the make-up and went to my prom barefaced.’ It was then that she realised that the mark was part of her identity.

Now Jessica is in her 20s and married with 3 children. She said, ‘My kids are so accepting, and every day they tell me I’m ‘beautiful’. And when they give me a kiss, it’s always on the cheek with the mark; they don’t see it as unusual.’

‘We all realise my mark makes me unique.’

We’ve all got marks, haven’t we? Some are visible and others aren’t.

What things have marked your life? A troubled upbringing? A wrong relationship? A missed opportunity? Do you ever look in the mirror and say, ‘Life would be so much better without this mark’? Do you go through life trying to conceal it?

Listen, rather than trying to hide your marks, you need to realise that your marks make you unique. They are part of your identity and without them you wouldn’t be the person that you are! You are unique! Margaret Mead said, ‘Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else.’

When God made you, he made one of you!

Jeremiah in Bible said, ‘Before God formed you in the womb, he knew you.’

God created you as an individual. And it’s the things that have ‘marked your life’ that have shaped you to become the person that you are today. There is no one else like YOU on the planet! And when God looks at you each day, do you know what he says, ‘marks and all’? ‘You’re beautiful!’

Don’t give yourself a hard time over your marks, those things that have happened in the past. Stuff happens to us all in life, that’s the way it is. Realise that it’s your marks that make you unique.