Do it Differently like a DJ

For those of you who have read my book or heard me speak, you are already aware that dance music has always played a vital role in my life. I have spent countless hours practicing, perfecting the art of playing two tunes simultaneously in time and in key. After endless hours of practice, I got there; I was finally able to mix in time and in key. 

Despite the fact that I don’t DJ anymore, I still have an interest in Electronic Dance Music and still enjoy listening to it. I find it fascinating how the act of DJing has evolved since those early days.

Generally, a good DJ will play the right tunes at the right time, and he/she will mix those tracks together seamlessly.

In the early days, a DJ did that using just two turntables, a mixer, and a pair of headphones.

Technological advances have changed the way this is done today. Even though it still takes some skill, using laptops and software does seem to eliminate some of the creative element or finesse that used to be expected of someone who wanted to DJ.

That’s said, I am always excited to find forward-thinking DJs, who continue to push the boundaries with the way that they mix music. Even some of the DJs who have been around since the early days have totally embraced this new technology. For them, DJing isn’t about just simply mixing tracks together although that is still important. It has more to do with changing the original tracks through the use of various pieces of equipment to create a new sound experience.

There is actually one brand of mixer called Play Differently. This product has features that allow the DJ to do just as the name says, to play differently. Innovative DJs use tools of the trade that have become industry standard, such as a laptop and Tractor software, which includes four decks and virtual record boxes. Then, they also use controllers, samplers, effects, synths and various other pieces of the kit. Using these techniques all together, they create music that sounds different from anything else you have heard. The original songs are mixed to create something new and different.

These are the DJs, who are doing it differently.

When I think about this, I realise that we can all learn something from these DJs who are playing the music differently.

You see, often, when we approach something, we typically do it in the same way everybody else has done it. We don’t look at how we can overcome or surpass the existing boundaries or how we can do what they did but in a different way.

Listen: You don’t need to do what everybody else in doing. You don’t need to do it in the same way.

God’s Guidebook says that ‘God formed you in the womb.’

He created you as a unique individual. He made you different on purpose! That means that you are intended to do things differently.

Listen: Keep the YOU in what you do; bring your own uniqueness to the table. Be like a forward-thinking DJ, smash through the existing boundaries and play differently.