Battle Scars can Motivate You to Move Forward

Jackie had battle scars which motivated her to move forward. She told me. If you’d been there; you’d have heard her. Jackie was a skinny, wiry haired, drug addict who was working as a sex worker, on the streets.

Jackie got attacked one night when she was out working.

She said, ‘I got picked up by this Polish guy in a car. And he took me to a house about five minutes away. We went in. But when we walked into the living room, there were two other blokes there! So, I sat on the settee and lit a cig. But then they all started talking in Polish. It made me feel dead uneasy. I thought, “Sack this, I’m off”. So, I got up and went to the front door to get out. But it was locked. He’d locked me in! The next minute, the three guys came rushing to the door, grabbed hold of me, and dragged me back into the room. You can guess what happened next. It was terrible’.

Then she said, ‘What they did to me that night, Barry, left me with “battle scars”. I had so much pain inside after what they’d done to me. But that was it for me; enough was enough! That was the point when I knew I had to move on. So, I went into a rehab. And that’s when God stepped in, to help me out!’

See, it’s as if a bright spotlight came on!

Her battle scars motivated her to move forward.

What about you? And yours?

Is this the time for you to say, ‘enough is enough’ so that you can move on?

There was a guy called Paul. He was around in Bible times. Paul had lots of ‘battle scars’. He’d been there: he’d got the tee shirt. He said, ‘Forget what’s behind and reach forward.’ (Phil 3:14)

Listen: you need to decide to move on!

Your battle scars can motivate you to move forward. Jackie’s did!

But are you ready to say, ‘enough is enough’? And to let God step in, to help you out? That’s up to you!