Once An Addict


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Once an Addict is the story of Barry’s life. It explains about the process of addiction and all the implications this has on family life. It then goes on to tell about his experiences as a heroin dealer, times spent in various prisons and mental health units and ultimately of how his life was changed.

It takes readers into the underworld of drug dealing, addiction, crime, and imprisonment; it also provides individuals with a first-hand insight into Manchester’s city nightlife and music scene. Along the way, readers are introduced to some of the most extraordinary characters that populate the drug culture.



The Classroom Resources consists of lesson plans, worksheets and a DVD. The DVD is split into three 25 minute sessions, leaving 35 minutes for starter activities and the main work of the lesson, given that the average lesson lasts for an hour. Each lesson is presented in worksheet format. For differentiation purposes there are two worksheets for these studies into drug related issues – one is for mainstream/higher-ability students and the other for foundation or lower-ability students. The worksheets for all seven lessons may be freely photocopied for student use.


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