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After being dependent on heroin for fifteen years and spending a number of terms in prison, Barry Woodward had a religious experience, which resulted in his life being totally transformed. This led to him becoming a national public speaker and the author of ‘Once an Addict.’ Barry is a contemporary communicator, who is humourous, passionate and inspirational. Barry is an associate evangelist with J.John.

Invite Barry

Barry is available to speak at outreach events in churches and prisons in the UK. Please bear in mind that the focus of our work is the UK only. Or as Barry often says, ‘The UK is my parish’.

What People Are Saying

What People are Saying

Upcoming Events

Each year, Barry speaks at over 130 events throughout the UK. Some of these are in prisons, but the vast majority at outreach events in churches. These are idea events to bring, colleagues, friends and family to.

Fixed 2020

Fixed is a conference for ex-addicts, recovering addicts, addicts and those with a heart for addicts. Registration opens on 2nd June. Places are limited, so book in early.


Visit our online shop and get books, DVDs and CDs. These are ideal resources for you to giveaway. All the proceeds from our online shop go to our Prison Outreach Project.


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