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See it. Say it. Sorted

If you ever travel by train, no doubt you will have come across ‘See it. Say it. Sorted’, the strapline of a campaign started by National Rail in 2016 to encourage travellers to be aware of, and report, any suspicious activity, such as baggage that has been left unattended.

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Dare to Go Big!

Can you imagine if you had free reign to ask famous people anything? Imagine that you were given the chance to go to Bill Gates' house where you got past the servants and everything, and when you finally got to sit down with him, you showed him your iPhone and asked him how to put a screen protector on. Or imagine going to Wayne Rooney's house and asking him to just pump up your football before abruptly leaving. How about a scenario wherein you had a chance to sit down with the Prime Minister and, out of all the things you could have asked him, you told him you just wanted to know how he takes his tea? Sounds pretty silly right? Quite ridiculous too! Like, why would we have an audience with someone huge and ask them something so trivial? What a waste of a golden opportunity!

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Finding Peace in a Knife Carrying World

During the past few weeks, the news has reported that many teenagers have been stabbed to death. These knife attacks sadden me, as many teenagers have been lost—killed by other teenagers! This means that many young lives are being adversely affected, whether through death, imprisonment or fear.

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New Year, New Mercies

How many can honestly say that towards the end of December excess didn’t kick in and they convinced themselves that moderation would come back into play for the New Year, or is it just me? Have you heard the saying, 'New Year, New Me'?

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Finding the Way Out

To get to my house, you turn off the main road onto a small stretch that splits into two roads, one of which is where I live. What most people don’t realise is that this small section of road is actually only one-way. You can come in on this road, but you cannot really leave the same way.

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Loneliness: The Connection We All Need

Loneliness is now an epidemic in our nation. We’ve never been more connected in this world of social media, but the truth is, most of us feel more disconnected and more isolated than ever. We live in a world where it’s easy not to really see one another. When we know people, we so often only see what others choose to show us, and even then, we’re still none the wiser about what is really going on inside.

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Picture this: Street artists sketching on pavements using their medium - chalks, crowds puzzled, scratching their heads, gather quickly and as quickly move on seeing nothing of note or attraction. Nothing to explore here – minds made up – they do one!!

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The Hidden Hunger

Every Sunday, you’ll find me under the flyover, in the heart of Coventry Town Centre, feeding the broken, vulnerable, drug-addicted, alcohol-dependent, and homeless individuals in our city. Having done this for over 11 years, it still doesn’t get any easier.

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Choose to Hear the Good News this Christmas

Have you ever been really down and the phone rings and it’s some good news? All of a sudden, even for a moment, your spirits are lifted. You’ve just experienced the power that good news has when it brings joy into our lives.

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