A Lesson Learned from My Night Club Experience at The Haçienda

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If you'd have been there, you'd have experienced it for yourself. It was the night I went into The Haçienda night club for the very first time. It was May 1982, and it was the first week the club had opened.

A typical club in Manchester in those days was rough. When you walked in, your shoes would stick to the floor because of all the beer that had been split. The beer wasn't even beer anymore; it was paste. Girls danced round their handbags to chart music. And the club wasn't full of what we called 'beer monsters', either. There was always a fight at the end of the night. Does this sound familiar to you?

The Haçienda was different. When I stepped through its doors that night, I was totally blown away. The sound system was unlike anything I'd heard before. The lights were unlike anything I'd ever seen. The building was massive. It was tall with big steel beams supporting the roof. The neon lights lit up the small booths that were at the edge of the wooden dance floor. There was such a sense of space and freedom; it was like stepping into another world.

I've realised that this is what it's like to let God in; it's like walking through those Haçienda doors for the very first time. You'll see things you've never seen. You'll hear things you've never heard. You'll have freedom. It's like stepping into another world!

What about you? Do you want to see and hear things from a spiritual perspective? Things you've never seen? Do want to have a sense of freedom like you've never had before? Then let God in and have The Haçienda night club experience for yourself.

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