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The Doors Will Open in Time

I started public speaking one year after becoming a Christian. It wasn't long before I became quite busy speaking in churches and at quite a few outreach events. 

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A Lesson from Pictures of Naked Ladies on the Wall

In 2000 and 2001, we did several outreach initiatives in Ibiza. One of our team members was a guy called David Blair. In the 70's and 80's Dave was involved with crime in the Manchester area. Dave is an old school type ex-villain, a larger than life character! When he left Manchester, David moved to Carlisle. He felt his life no longer had value. The only value he had ever known was the respect that he had received as a criminal. 

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Your Marks Make You Unique

If you'd been reading the newspaper that day, you'd have read the article yourself. It was about Jessica.

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The Right Person for the Job

One of the verses in the Bible that has helped shape what Proclaim Trust has become is the one when God says to Moses in the book of Exodus, 'Go back to Egypt...'. Moses was a Jew who was raised in Egypt. He totally understood that culture because he was immersed in it. Then, at the age of 40 an incident happened which forced him to leave Egypt. Then, after another 40 years, God said to Moses 'Go back to Egypt...'. God wanted Moses to go back and bring the Jews out of Egypt where they had been held captives for hundreds of years. God knew that Moses was the right man for the job because he understood their ways.

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A Lesson Learned from My Night Club Experience at The Haçienda

If you'd have been there, you'd have experienced it for yourself. It was the night I went into The Haçienda night club for the very first time. It was May 1982, and it was the first week the club had opened.

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Lift the Lid of Your Limitations

It was graduation day. After it was over, I went to my room and opened the door. An envelope was lying on the floor, and I picked it up. It had my name handwritten on it. It was my writing.

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In the Madness: You can Find Strength for Your Stuggle

I was an addict in Manchester for 15 years. I was there when the clubbing madness that played a part in what later became the rave scene started. So I’ve been in the madness. But it’s not just people like me who find themselves in the madness, is it? I think that we all find ourselves in the madness at some points on our journey. Did you know that you can find strength for your struggle there?

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Aligning with Your Assignment

Soon after becoming a Christian in 1995, I had an overwhelming sense that God had a specific purpose for my life, even though I didn’t know what it was. I remember saying to Alan, the church leader, ‘What is it that I can do for God’? He replied, ‘It’s not what you can do for God, it’s what God wants you to do’.

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Value Yourself & Put a High Price On You!

I opened my eyes and my vision was blurred. I was lying on my back, and I was moving at a quick rate. My eyes began to slowly focus. At first, I saw the blurred outline of the lights in the ceiling passing by. Then a women’s face came into view. I shook my head, and then realised that it was a nurse. She was young and slim with red lipstick. She said ‘Barry, you’re in Manchester General Hospital. You came in earlier today, and when you arrived, you were pronounced DOA, dead on arrival.’ I looked down at my chest, and saw that it was covered with bruises where the doctors had used the resuscitator.

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