What People Are Saying

Rev. Paul Lloyd

Victory Outreach, Manchester
Barry is the real deal and his life and ministry are evidence that through Jesus Christ your past doesn't have to be a life sentence. Every time he speaks he brings hope that there is no life so broken that God can't fix it. I'm not ashamed to say that I consider him to be a friend and I absolutely love what he brings.

What Others Are Saying

These comments have been received via letter, email, Twitter, or Facebook message or posted on FB, etc.

  • Mike Aldaco (Leader Life Way Church)

    Barry is one of the best communicators to come out of the UK. He will make you laugh, cry and challenge you in ways you have never been challenged before.
  • Becky

    Barry is one of the best communicators to come out of the UK. He will make you laugh, cry and challenge you in ways you have never been challenged before.
  • Mark Ralston (Leader Hope United)

    Barry is a great communicator of hope to people.
  • Sandy

    Brilliant! A Christian version of Michael McIntyre!
  • Iwan

    Barry is honest, hilarious and an incredible story teller!
  • Emma

    Barry is the most gifted story teller I have ever heard.
  • Becky

    “You were so good at speaking last night. Your mix of humour and the word was fantastic.
  • James

    Barry get’s better every time I hear him!
  • Deborah

    Brilliant night tonight... I was in tears with laughter!
  • Keith

    So glad I went last night - Barry Woodward is a truly gifted evangelist.
  • School Teacher

    As someone with not faith at all, I thought Barry was absolutely brilliant!
  • Shell

    The first time I saw Barry, I laughed all my mascara off!
  • Cerian

    You won’t get bored listening to this man! A brilliant communicator!
  • Andrew Smith (Leader of AoG Scotland)

    Had a great weekend with Barry Woodward. Barry communicated powerfully yet simply.
  • Aaron

    Great talk today by Barry! Lots of lives given!! If you weren't there you're missing out!!!!!!!
  • Hettie

    Had a fantastic evening at Central with Barry Woodward. The place was packed and 30 people responded! Amazing.
  • Shell

    He never fails to impact – God’s Glory Exudes.
  • Harmon

    Had a great event with Barry Woodward today! Scars, marks and tattoos really have a different meaning now. What a great message!!!
  • Trudy

    Raw, real and packed with humour.
  • Natalie

    One of the funniest, most sincere story-tellers I've ever known.
  • Dan Harman (Leader, City Life Church)

    You have a real talent for crafting your talks and I have huge respect for the level of excellence in which you deliver.
  • Paul

    Great night with Barry - amazing story and communicator…
  • Manuella

    Thanks you for coming to our church on Sunday. I have to say, it was probably the best sermon I’ve ever heard… I really wish I had invited some of my atheist friends but don’t worry, I tod them all about it. I think I’ve told 10 people now!
  • Dave

    Hilarious and serious. Brilliant.
  • Andy

    Fantastic evening - if you missed it, you missed a great night. Barry is a master story-teller, and he has a fantastic story to tell.
  • Lisa

    Barry, you were fantastic… as always!!!
  • James

    I was at Renewal CC last night in Solihull and just really wanted to message you to say thanks for a brilliant night. Your story and the way you told it was purely inspirational and very interesting, and I was left wanting to hear more.
  • Diana

    Very nice to meet you last night, your talk was very moving and inspirational.
  • Dave

    I just heard you at Kilkhampton Church tonight... I went with the group of about 17 people all who gave their lives to God…
  • Heather

    Great talk, Barry. I haven't laughed so much in ages!!!! Innit!!
  • Julia

    Had a fantastic weekend listening to you speak, you had me and my mate in stitches.
  • Victoria

    So nice to see you tonight Barry. What an amazing night! God really uses you pal. You have such a gift…
  • Padraig

    Thank you for making the effort to come to Cork and thank you God for Blessing you with the gift of public speaking. You were super…
  • Extracts from the Restored Tour '09 - Scotland

    We wondered what had hit us as a whirlwind of Mancunian energy arrived on the platform… Twenty people responded to the invitation to come to the Lord Jesus. It was a fitting end to a memorable and enjoyable evening.
  • Debbie

    Amazing night last night you were brilliant. There were at least 10 first time decisions and two recommitments… They were all buzzing on the way home.
  • Sharon

    Hi Barry, I saw you last night at Bethel Church in Essex and was really moved and inspired. I haven't laughed so much in ages! I was one of the people who went forward and now feel I’m being restored.
  • Alison

    “What a great night Barry! You’ve got a powerful story and you were so hilarious too, which is a good thing for a speaker!
  • Brian

    I have just returned to Christ after an absence of 50 years, your message was totally inspiring, uplifting and entertaining.
  • Ana

    God bless your life... last night was awesome… I received the best wedding gift... Mark opened his heart to Jesus.
  • Tony

    “What a brilliant evening! Barry was direct, captivating and vigorous in his presentation. What a communicator! Truly a hard act to follow!!
  • Martin

    “One of the best stories I have ever heard…
  • Bramhall Ladies Christian Viewpoint

    “Barry, what a privilege to have listened to your journey! God has given you such a powerful gift to share this story – WOW! Thank you.
  • Mark

    “It was fantastic to hear you talk at CLC on Saturday and today. You are very inspiring. Keep up the good work and changing people’s lives!
  • Stephen

    “I want to encourage you Barry to keep up the great work you do all around the UK. You’re a real inspiration and I admire your work. You’re a top man, innit.
  • Joanne

    “Thank you so much for your talk today. I was feeling worthless and have no self esteem and you made me realise different. Keep up the good work.
  • Linda

    “Great evening Barry. My hubby thought you were so funny. Maybe I’ll get my son to come next time.

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