Prison Outreach

Prison Outreach Project

As part of our wider vision Proclaim Trust is committed to reaching out to prisoners. Our Prison Outreach Project consists of three components: sending copies of Once an Addict into prisons for prisoners, writing to prisoners and holding events in HMPs and YOIs.

In 2007, we launched an initiative to send a copy of Barry’s autobiography, Once an Addict, to every prisoner in the UK, free of charge. We have to date, raised funds and send out 47,000 copies to prisoners, which leaves 37,000 to send.

During this time, we have received hundreds of letters from inmates who have been impacted by Barry’s story. Barry has responded to each letter.

Barry also gets to meet some of these prisoners face-to-face when he speaks in prisons. Each year, the Trust organises approximately 40 events throughout the UK in prisons and YOIs. These are in partnership with the prison chaplaincies and sometimes with other organisations who work with chaplaincies.


Prison Letters

Over the years, we have received many letters from inmates throughout the UK. Please read some extracts taken from those letters below.

  • Inmate - HMP Hindley

    I read your book and I was amazed at how much your life had changed and for the better. I have always wanted to learn about God and Christianity... I want to change my life round like you did and I want to learn about being a Christian.
  • Inmate - HMP Low Moss

    I was given your book Once an Addict by a fellow inmate. Your book really inspired me, and I felt God telling me to write to you, and to thank you for sharing your story and life. It is a testament that God is alive and can really change lives.
  • Inmate - HMYOI Hindley

    I want to be part of God's life. I believe in God but I don't really know much about him. I have started to study the Bible. I am at the lowest point in my life right now and I'm asking for help from you to teach me about Christianity and to let God into my life.
  • Inmate - HMP Ashfield

    I'm just writing to say how good your book is. I've been in prison now for just under 7 years and the only time I read is when I'm in the block (solitary confinement). But your book has got to be the best book I've read... I've read it 3 times. It's had me laughing, crying but most of all, it's got me praying and reading my Bible. As soon as I read it, I became a clean man. And every time I think about the brown (heroin) I look at your book, and it keeps me strong.
  • Inmate - HMP Low Moss

    I was given your book Once an Addict by a fellow inmate. Your book really inspired me, and I felt God telling me to write to you, and to thank you for sharing your story and life. It is a testament that God is alive and can really change lives.
  • Inmate - HMP Manchester

    I’m writing to say I loved your book. It gives me hope for the future. I really love God and I want more out of life. When I finished your book, the next morning I went to see the doctor to take me off my methadone…
  • Inmate - HMP Highdown

    I have just finished reading your book Once an Addict and WOW what can I say... just reading your book inspired hope in me for I know God is by my side!
  • Inmate - HMP Winchester

    I have just read your book, and I was gripped by the tales of your life. I found myself wanting to read at an ever increasing pace as I was so pleased, saddened and humbled by what I read... I was like a girl when I read that you had found your wife Tina and had tears in my eyes. I'm just glad my cell mate was asleep and didn't see this.
  • Inmate - HMP Swansea

    I had the good fortune to pick up your book, 'Once an Addict'. Out of all the books, I could have picked up yours was the one that caught my attention. The prayer of page 198 is very appropriate to me as I have realised by being in prison that God has given me another chance to a brand new start.
  • Inmate - HMP Low Moss, Scotland

    I have just read your book Once an Addict. I'm inspired to make contact with Proclaim Trust as I seek to draw close / return to Christ.
  • Inmate - HMP Winchester, England

    I don't know why I'm writing you this letter, but for some reason, I just wanted to tell you that your book has made me want to read the Bible.
  • Inmate - HMP High Down, England

    I desperately need to change my ways, and I need my family to be proud of me... It has meant a lot to me by reading your book. I have prayed out of the prayer on page 198. And now I'm going to start doing the three things you mention to move on in my journey...
  • Inmate - HMP Acklington, England

    I have just finished reading your book 'Once an Addict' and I would like to say it has inspired me so much to try and turn my life around.
  • Inmate - HMYOI Forrest Bank, England

    I have recently read your book. I have never read a book before, and once I started reading it, I couldn't put it down... Like you say in your book, we need to accept that we have messed up and then let God in the driving seat.
  • Inmate - HMP Winchester, England

    I have just read your book 'Once an Addict'. Mate, it really made a lot of sense to me... I can relate to almost everything you wrote. Your book made me feel peace that I have never felt before and I found it inspirational. It's amazing. I read it in one day.
  • Inmate - HMP Glenochil, Scotland

    Barry, I have just put down your book, and as I was reading it, I had to write. I am 24 and I feel I have a connection with you. I am an addict who is on methadone. I hate what I've become. I've lost everything. Barry, I really wanted to say that you're an inspiration for everyone, even people like us, and I'm glad I had the opportunity to write you a letter. I hope my life turns out like yours makes me a better person.
  • Inmate - HMP Preston, England

    I have just finished reading the book you wrote, 'Once an Addict'. I was amazed at the honesty, but more that anything, I was moved by God speaking to me... Your book spoke to me from start to finish. I've thanked God for you, and now I'm thanking you for your story.
  • Inmate - Liverpool HMP, England

    Before I came here, things were getting worst and worst. But when I arrived, I believed it was God's plan. Reading your book has helped me to see how it is God's plan because if I wasn't here, I would have never read it or come across it. I think God brought me to your book, and now I can see that God can really help me.
  • Inmate - HMP Woodhill, England

    I have just read your book 'Once an Addict, and I felt like this book really meant something to me... To finish this letter, I read aloud the prayer in your book, and also I'm also going to pray for you.
  • Inmate - HMP Liverpool, England

    I thought that I would write to you after reading your book. I take my hat off to you - it was a great read, and I don't usually read books. In fact, this is only the third book I have read in my entire life. I'm 34... I do believe there is a God, and your book has helped me.
  • Inmate - HMP Dartmoor, England

    I've now read your book four times... After reading it I had tears in my eyes because it touched me deep down.
  • Inmate - HMP Dovegate, England

    Your book is amazing! I have just finished reading it. I have been asking and talking to people about your book and it seams as if everybody in Dovegate has read it. I have been inspired so much that I have asked to speak to the chaplain... I don't know how you pulled yourself out, but you did. You're living proof that it can be done... Barry you have given me hope... If you say there is a God, then I believe you.
  • Inmate - HMP Aklington, England

    Your book 'Once an Addict' and the prayer at the back of the book has changed my life forever. I was reborn by the Holy Spirit. I even marked the date in my diary.

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